Extended opening hours

Our members (old and new) love it so much at the ‘pad that they’ve asked us to extend our opening hours.  We hear you. In today’s global (and gig) economy with flexible working and shared parenting and becoming the norm, we don’t all work in sync with local time zones, and the 9-5 job is most definitely on the wane. To keep in line with that we will be trialing longer opening hours starting at the end of this month (August). Our new hours will be 8:3 until 10pm every day* of the week, including weekends. And don’t forget car parking is free after 6pm!

Birthday bash

Early October marks our first year anniversary – I know, where did the time go?! and to celebrate this we are arranging a series of events. Hear from industry experts about: getting to grips with SEO in 2018;  how to use LinkedIn to grow your career and build better business relationships; or sign up to attend our marketing masterclass – all for FREE. Find out more or sign up on our events page here. To conclude our anniversary we’ll be having a party at the Launchpad on the evening of Thursday October 4th. This is a fantastic opportunity for a spot of informal (and free) networking, a chance for us to showcase some of our members’ expertise and achievements, and celebrate the collaborative community we have built, which continues to grow.

If you’ve got something you want to learn, hear, or talk about,  let us know. We are always looking for the next hot topic so please get in touch if you have any ideas or offerings.

Time flies when you’re busy/having fun/being productive (delete as appropriate)

Working from home can be a lonely business, and there’s nothing like face to face contact with fellow human beings to make you feel part of something. Sure, there is plenty to be said for the flexibility that working from home offers, and I never hear anyone moaning that they ‘miss the commute’ (HELL NO!), but I do hear a recurring theme amongst our members that leaving the house to ‘go to work’ helps focus the mind and switch into ‘work mode’. The dichotomy being that the  less distracted and more focused you are, the more productive you are, the more admin you create and there are not enough hours in the day to get it all done! All those things you promise yourself you’ll do in the evenings that you know you don’t really have the time, or inclination, to do. If you are seriously grappling with how to get on top of it all, you could consider contracting out some of those tasks to the experts; you’ll find masters of all trades here, whether it’s building your website, social media management, branding, copy writing, accountancy, branding, virtual PA or HR consultancy, there are industry experts on site. Passing on some of your admin might cost you money in the short-term, but it’s an investment that will pay off, freeing you up to focus on your area of expertise and allow your business to grow.

There is nothing like a personal recommendation, so while we have your attention, please remember to support your local co-working space by sharing our new opening hours amongst your network, sign up for one of our events and get networking with some like-minded business professionals.

*(not applicable in conjunction with our free 3 month trial, where regular working hours 8:30-5pm apply)